Research & Development

PKE R&D has end-to-end responsibility for the development of PKE products and project-specific features within those products.
We work according to lean & agile principles and ensure that internal processes receive continuous improvement.

Development works with self-organized Feature Teams that collaborate with the assigned Product Owner to implement features in the products.

For the purpose of increasing quality, we place value on the highest possible degree of test automation. Automated tests are created for expensive recurring tasks for software testing, meaning that they can be repeated and carried out in a timely manner during feature development. Doing this allows us to keep feedback cycles short and carry out cost-effective testing.

With respect to technology and processes, Development keeps the delivered products up-to-date thanks to regular technology reviews and refactoring while keeping employees up-to-date through training.

By participating in national and international research programs, PKE's Development department also actively works on forward-looking concepts and technologies in its core business of security management systems, video systems, entrance management, control centers and holding cell communication.